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Articles by Joanne Sales
All Columns Published in the Beacon, on Vancouver Island
... And Elsewhere

Einstein's Brain and Our Choice of Futures - Nov 2013

Boundaries, Blame, and the Healing of Everything - July 2010

The Importance of Saying Uh-huh - June 2010

Who Shall We Listen To? - May 2010

Our Olympian Balancing Act - April 2010

Snap-to-Guide and a Guide-to-Freedom - March 2010

A Peek into the Human Condition - February 2010

Begin Again - January 2010


In Honor of Invisible Things - Dec

Thoughts on Ingredients - Oct

Replenishing the Well Well Well - Sept

It's Not that I'm Smarter Than Everyone - Aug

Presets - The Choices We Make When We're Not Looking - August

What Have You Unlearned Today - June

A Revolution Without Enemies - June

Maturity - The Balance of Courage & Consideration - April

What is it for? - March

Friendship, Forgiveness, Laughter and Space - February

*Transformed by Hope - About Obama - January
Accepted in Common Ground.

A Call for a Charter of Compassion - November

Use if or Lose it: Brain Longevity
- September

*On Curiosity, Husbands and Cats - October

You Can't Solve an Ant Hill - August

Go Sit by Another Stream of Consciousness - July

*Grow Some Food - June

*Right Brain Wisdom - May
Also Published May 2008 in Common Ground, Vancouver, BC

What's Wanting to Happen Here? An Interview with Shivon Robinsong - April

“How can we become more conscious?” - Suggestions from the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition - March


The Bull in the China Closet

A Small Planet and The Strength of Love

*The Inner Dinner Party and the Power of Now
Also Published Jan 2008 in Common Ground, Vancouver, BC

Peace on earth, and elsewhere.